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7 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Your Old Clothes

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“One person’s trash is another woman’s treasure”, in this case, one person’s old clothes is another woman’s bag, rug, or slippers.

Although, we think everybody should recycle their used old clothes, sometimes, clothes are too far gone to be worn again.

So, what should you do with these old unloved clothes?

Throw them away? No, that’s boring!

Turn them into new fun and useful creations!

Here at Julimen Inc., it’s often that we get clothes that can’t be used again, and we know you ladies run into this issue as well.

So, we decided to give you the 7 best things to do with your old clothes.

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1. Turn your Natural Fabrics into Plant Food

old clothes for plant food

Now, by turning your old clothes into compost, it can be nutritious to plants.

Fabrics such as cotton, wool, and silk, can be used to feed them. This can be used to grow vegetables, fruits, and other plants. If you are into gardening then try this out, it’s amazing!

Additionally, if you have never turned your old clothes into compost, look at this it will tell you exactly what to do!

2. Drop them off at an Animal Shelter

dog sleeping on old clothes

At the present time, animal shelters are always looking for old garments, blankets, fabrics, and sometimes even towels to use for bedding. Old clothes are always easier to clean, and it isn’t an issue if the animals happens to rip them up. 

Find a shelter near you!

3. Start a New Fashion Trend

new fashion trend with old clothes

There are dozens outfits to create. Turn your old flannel into jean patch work, or turn those old long socks in legs warmers. There are endless things to create. It just takes a little bit of creativity. 

If your clothing has stains, no problem, cover them up with some new looks. Grab your vintage or old clothes, and purchase some iron on items like letters or stickers. Another great idea, is to stop spending money on masks, and create your own!

Look here for some ideas!

4. New Home Decorations

new rug old clothes

Try creating a new rug for the house, or cut up your old socks and turn them into air fresheners. I know, old socks turned into pleasant smells. Cool, huh?

Don’t use your good towels to clean up messes anymore. Your old shirts can be easily used to dry your washed car, clean up spills, or even dry your shoes.

It might take a little bit of stitch work, but try turning your old clothes into a fun new apron!

5. Repair Around the House

patched curtain

For all the pet owners, this tip is for you! We all know what it’s like to have that stubborn dog or cat that can’t help, but just tear things up. Whether it’s a curtain, or a table cloth, or even a blanket. Old clothes is a great way to repair torn things!

6. Fun For the Kids

old clothes turned new kids fun

Keeping the kids entertain isn’t always an easy task, but if you can create some new fun for them, then you’ll probably keep them entertain for a couple hours. Hopefully…

Use an old shirt to create a new reusable tote bag. They can be used for grocery shopping, and the best part is that they can match your outfit and accessories. Instead of throwing away paper or plastic bags, this is an eco-friendly and stylish alternative.

Creating tye-dye clothing with old light color fabrics is a great fun, sometimes messy, time. The kids might also love some new t-shirt slippers, or even a trendy headband.  

7. Sell Them!

woman with cash

If you don’t have the time or patients to create, selling your old clothes is a great option!

You can host a garage sale at your home, and invite your neighbors to do the same.

If a garage sale doesn’t seem interesting to you, you can always sell your used clothes to us!

We accept all your clothes and pay you by the pound. It’s a very easy and straightforward process that takes only 3 steps. This is a good idea for teams looking to fundraise, or maybe just to add some extra money to your wallet.

The best part of the whole process is that we’ll pay you in CASH!


There’s plenty of things to do with clothes that are old. All you need is some time and a bit of creativity to get it done. Never wonder what to do with old clothes again, just come here and take whatever idea inspires you. 

Hopefully this article encourages you to reuse, recreate, and recycle your old clothes.

Are there any other creation ideas? What’s your favorite? Share them with us!

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