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How does it work?

Fundraising that makes an Impact

fundraise your used clothing

Fundraising Your Used Clothes

1. Gather your clothing 

Following our basic guidelines that prepare you for the most profitable fundraiser. 

Accepted Not Accepted
Clothes, shoes, linens, hand bags, towels, & backpacks
Clothes that are stained, ripped, or have holes
Must be wearable
Items with missing articles such as zippers and buttons
Vintage, athletic wear, baby clothing, and military uniforms are accepted
Lingerie, underwear, bras, bibs, diapers, and scarves
Clothes must be in trash bags
Electronics, books, or furniture

Have a specific question? Ask a customer service specialist, in our live messenger at the bottom of your screen. 

Fundraising Your Used Clothes is Easy!

2. Choose your fundraiser type

Pick the fundraiser type that works best for your goals. 

Pick-up Drop-off
40+ Miles Minimum 200 Bags
No minimum
0-40 Miles Minimum 100 Bags​
Can drop off within our drop-off hours from 6am-1pm, Monday through Friday.
25¢ per pound
30¢ per pound

Raise awareness

Let’s turn your fundraiser into a community event. Get personalized flyers and social media templates designed to help you raise awareness in your community.

3. Receive Payment

You have the option to receive payment in two different forms

Pick-up Drop-off
Receive payment via check in 3-5 business days
Receive payment same day

Download & print out our fundraising flyer!

The flyers include many details on how the Julimen fundraising works.

Success Stories

Fundraising Your Used Clothes is Easy!

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Let’s Do Our Part Together

Julimen Inc. is working to change the way we recycle. Let's move towards cleaner, and a more sustainable world.

Every fundraiser plays a key role in moving the world towards a greener future. By participating in a clothing drive fundraiser, you are contributing to the communities in developing nearby countries.

It’s truly a rewarding process that has the power to not only help thousands, but also put thousands in your pocket.