Julimen Inc.

Our missions are the same

We are a business that strives to help sports teams, schools, and organizations meet their fundraising needs by turning your used clothes into cash

Fundraising has never been easier

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and cash isn’t lying around. At Julimen Inc., we’ve understood this problem for years and have strived to make fundraising easy for you.

The Bigger Topic

The average American generates around 82 pounds of clothing waste each year, and this adds up to more than 11 million tons of clothing waste from the U.S. alone. Therefore, the importance of using business practices that promote sustainable energy and less waste is always at the front of our decisions. 

What do we do with your used clothes?

All clothes from your clothing drive fundraiser is sent to developing countries to be reused again. Not only are you able to gain thousands from your fundraiser, but your also able to help clothe the communities of the world.

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The Process

The process starts at our warehouse where our inspection team sorts and organizes the used clothing into bigger bales, so the items are ready for shipping.

Neighboring countries

The 2nd hand clothing economy is bigger than buying new clothes from retail stores in countries like Costa Rica, Honduras, and others. So your used clothing doesn’t travel far, but the impact is huge!

Reduce waste

In addition, not only are we contributing to the global waste consumption load, but we are also contributing to neighboring economies through the direct selling of used clothing.


Happy client sold her used clothing

We are in this together

For almost two decades, our customers have left our business with big smiles, and even bigger pockets. The organizations we serve aren’t just happy because they are receiving cash for their used clothes, but because the process is effortless. 

Our Community

 Located in South Gate, California, we focus on our surrounding communities to help achieve their fundraising goals. It’s not easy to earn money on your own, so we take the stress off your shoulders, while you collect the benefits of your clothing. 

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