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Frequently Asked Questions


Who counts my items?

All the items from your fundraiser are weighed at our warehouse in South Gate, CA. 

Who will pick up my clothing bags?

After a pick-up appointment is set, our driver will arrive at the location of your choice and pick up all of the clothes from your used clothing fundraiser.

What if we have less than 150 bags?

 There is a strict minimum of 150 bags for our drivers to pick-up. If your organization has less than 150 bags, you can schedule a drop-off at our warehouse located in South Gate, CA. See a more detailed breakdown!

What type of clothing do you accept?

We accept all clothes of any brand, size, shape, and color, as long as it is prepared in trash bags. See a more detailed breakdown!

What clothing items do you not accept?

We don’t accept lingerie, undergarments, bras, socks, scarfs, belts, and pillows. Also clothes that are unwearable with holes, tears, and missing features such as zippers or button. See a more detailed breakdown!

When do we receive our payment?

Directly after your appointment all payments will be mailed to the address under your appointment within in 3-5 postal days, or if you are in the area you can pick it up and receive cash or check.


Will we be payed for every item submitted?

Items are inspected for quality and can be rejected if torn, ripped, stained, or missing buttons or zippers. We can only pay for quality items that are gently worn and reusable.

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