Julimen Inc.

Collect clothes
Raise funds!

 meet your fundraising needs by turning your used clothes into cash

Environmentally Friendly Used Clothing Fundraiser 🌎

Your used clothing fundraiser is in great hands!

How does it work?

1. Organize

Ask friends, family, and neighbors to donate used clothes

Organize your fundraise your used clothing

2. Schedule

Book an appointment online when it’s convenient for you

julimen pick up truck

3. Collect

Sit back and receive your payment from your used clothing fundraiser.

how it works

4. Impact

Individuals in developing countries benefit, reuse, and resell your clothing

Our Pricing

If the Julimen team picks up from your organization, we pay 25 cents for each pound of clothing.

If you bring your clothes to the Julimen Warehouse, we pay 30 cents for each pound of clothing.

Environmentally Friendly Used Clothing Fundraiser 🌎

We buy used, so we can save more

Millions of people in the U.S are throwing out pounds of clothes every year ending up in congested landfills. Julimen Inc. has come up with a solution where everybody wins!

where does my used clothing fundraiser go?

You’ll be guided to success

Make $1400 or more! You will receive a fundraiser guide that includes resources such as custom flyers and social media templates, will guarantee you collect clothes from your community for your fundraiser.